Last week the tech industry took aim at political innovation in San Francisco. Countable, a website and app that counts yes and no votes on issues, was released in San Francisco.

Countable allows users to let their opinions be known on current local legislation. By simply pressing yes or no on your phone or online, your vote will register in a poll and impact decisions made by your supervisor or representative.

You can even vote on federal issues or trending social issues such as discrimination, marijuana legalization, and social justice.


Countable shows how innovation can affect government in a positive way. Countable is driven through the power of platforms, innovation, empowering citizens, and improving the effectiveness of government, which are essential in the foundation of Gov 2.0

The app simplifies the job of government in keeping up with new problems, while increasing transparency, efficiency and accountability. Countable empowers citizens to get involved in the legislative process. While the combined votes will not count towards actual legislation decisions, they will help show trends in voting behavior making it more obvious if those in power represent the people they serve.


Countable has already made an impact in cities like New York. Its release in San Francisco is sure to change the connection between politicians and the people they serve. Countable has already registered over a million votes on federal issues, and politicians are anticipating the effect it will have on local issues to be even greater.

San Franciscans take pride in political innovation, whether it is in the form of equality or technological advances – San Francisco always seems to be a step ahead. This app is just another addition to the already long list of innovations. Countable aims to be a forum of direct democracy and San Franciscans have welcomed that opportunity, with one of the highest download rates per capita in the nation.

Interconnectivity between politicians and the people they represent is great step forward in government. Would you use Countable? Let us know in the comments and check it out in your app store or online to start letting your voice be heard today!