Here's what you need to know to decide how to vote on California's Proposition 54.

ICYMI: the 2016 election will be held on Tuesday, November 8, with early voting kicking off at San Francisco’s City Hall on Tuesday, October 11.

In addition to voting for officials at the local, state, and national level, San Franciscans will face a decision on 17 state ballot initiatives and 25 local propositions.

Not sure how to vote on Proposition 54? We hope the brief voter guide below will help you decide!

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What Is Prop 54?

Prop 54 would require the state legislature to publish all bills (including changes to bills) in print and on the Internet for at least 72 hours before taking a vote.

The proposition would also require the legislature to record all proceedings and make them available to the public via the Internet.

Who Supports Prop 54?

Key supporters of Prop 54 include: Kristin Olsen, California State Assembly Republican Leader; Fred Keeley, Democratic former Speaker pro Tempore of the California State Assembly; Pete Peterson, Davenport Institute of Pepperdine University; and Dan Schnur, University of Southern California.

Supporters argue that the proposition would increase transparency within the state legislature and build upon the practice already followed by several California city legislatures of making session recordings publicly available.

Proponents also contend that Prop 54 would be financed under the existing budget and thus would not result in any new costs to taxpayers.

Who Opposes Prop 54?

Key opponents of Prop 54 include: the California Democratic Party and California Labor Federation.

Opponents argue that the proposition would hinder the lawmaking process and the ability of legislators to work together on bipartisan solutions.

Opponents also contend that Prop 54 would, indeed, increase taxpayer costs and provide additional material for use in political attack advertisements.

Learn More about Prop 54

To learn more, read the full text of Proposition 54.

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