By: Mahmoud Abunie

San Francisco city parks, plazas, and recreation centers are all getting free Wi-Fi. The 32 city parks are scattered across the city with easy accessibility.

Thank you, Google

Google helped fund $600,000 of the cost, which will enable the city to buy and install Wi-Fi equipment and two years worth of maintenance.

The expansion of Wi-Fi will help close the digital divide among San Francisco residents and help students and their families have better access to the Internet, especially lower income students and families. As schools begin to move towards connecting via the Internet, students awi-find parents will have better access with the availability of Wi-Fi.

Currently, the city offers free Wi-Fi in City Hall, San Francisco International Airport and in public housing developments. In addition, the San Francisco Public Library offers free Wi-Fi and a place to study with resources for students and parents alike.

San Francisco is taking a major step in technological advancement for its residents with this announcement. This resource will enable San Franciscans to get connected and uplift those that may have a hard time connected to the Internet, especially students and low income groups.