A bill that will increase the number of college students receiving Cal Grants reached Governor Brown’s desk this week after being approved by both the State Assembly and Senate.

Assembly Bill 2160

Assembly Bill 2160 was authored by Assemblymember Phil Ting (D- San Francisco) and would require all public schools to electronically submit the GPAs of all high school seniors to the California Student Aid Commission. This would eliminate one of the biggest hurdles students face in completing their college applications.

Applying for college and financial aid can be an overwhelming task for students, who must deal with the difficult changes that come with high school graduation. Low-income students, for whom Cal Grants was created, often times lack the support they need to complete the required documentation and be eligible for financial aid.

Students who are the first in their family to apply for college, or that live in a household where English is not the first language, may find an even tougher challenge. Having their schools automatically send their grades to the state will increase the probability of students completing their applications successfully and expose them to the opportunities of a college education.

Assemblymember Ting’s bill has garnered support from various educational institutions and leaders. The signature of the bill by Governor Brown would create an easier application process for students and provide a brighter future for California’s youth.