Great news for California’s students and families!

Assembly Bill 2160, signed by Governor Brown yesterday, simplifies the application process for students seeking a Cal Grant, the largest source for state funded student financial aid.

The bill, authored by Assemblyman Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, requires all public high schools to electronically submit grade point average (GPA) information for graduating seniors to the California Student Aid Commission.

According to Ting’s office, the bill will help nearly 4,000 more students receive an offer to receive a Cal Grant and 2,800 more students to use Cal Grant in pursuit of higher education. The second-most common reason why students don’t receive a Cal Grant is failure to submit their GPA.

Assemblymember Ting said, “By making the program operate more efficiently, we can prevent thousands of students from falling through the cracks and take pride in positioning them for greater success in life.”

We’re proud that Reset San Francisco Founder Phil Ting is working to increase access to higher education and make college more affordable for more families in California. Are you a student at a UC, CSU or community college in California and interested in sharing your story applying to college? Share it with us at
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