It goes almost without saying that the federal bureaucracy is complex, clunky and difficult to navigate. And in a time when our economy is teetering on the edge of recovery, businesses need easy and quick access to all the beneficial tools the federal government has to offer.

Enter – “a one-stop shop for everything related to business in the USA” recently introduced by President Obama. BusinessUSA is a prime example of utilizing government 2.0 tools to help citizens and simultaneously help the economy by bringing the power of government to their fingertips.

The Business USA Portal Is A “One-Stop Shop” Of Small Business Tools

The site combines the resources of the Department of Agriculture, Department of Commerce, Department of the Treasury, IRS, Department of Veterans Affairs, Export-Import Bank, General Services Administration and more. Instead of having to visit multiple websites, contact multiple call centers or go to multiple offices, businesses now have a streamlined and cohesive platform to grow, hire and thrive.

BusinessUSA – much like a start up – is currently available in beta mode and is seeking feedback and input from users and businesses to make the site even more functional. is “a one-stop shop for everything related to business in the USA” recently introduced by President Obama.Currently, there are tools to start a businessgrow a businessaccess financing and more – with resources and information on the state and local level. There’s also a running list of events – from Rhode Island to Alaska – that can help any small business or entrepreneur.

Here in San Francisco, there have been some excellent advances in utilizing web 2.0 tools to make government more effective. Perhaps City Hall should look at BusinessUSA as a model to increase business in the city and help struggling small businesses right now.

The seamless integration of so many relevant and necessary government services into one site seems – to us, at least – a common sense solution. And the fact that it has taken so long for something like this to be introduced is a clear indication that government 2.0 is still a burgeoning idea among many. BusinessUSA is a step in the right direction, however, for gov 2.0 and our nation’s economy.