A new study from the Pew Center on the States shows that Minnesota offers its voters much better online voter services than California. And Minnesota is not alone. Overall, the study gave California a score of just 59.6 out of 100 for its state election website. The study flunked California because the state’s election website failed to give voters a way to check their registration status, polling place, status of absentee ballots, requirements to register or details on specialized voting equipment for people with disabilities. California was one of only two states that failed to give all its voters five basic online tools. (The other state was Vermont.)

California’s worst score came in the look-up tools section where the state got an abysmal 0 out of 25. California did excel in content for its depth of information on ballot measures and candidates. The state also earned points for its multilingual voter registration hotlines.

While many California cities are individually leading the way in Gov 2.0, the state as a whole is falling behind when it comes to voter services. Providing easy and accessible online voting information is essential. Gov 2.0 tools not only make government more efficient but also help government connect with citizens.