At Reset we spend a lot of time discussing what the City of San Francisco can do better. But we also want to use this community to highlight what the city is already doing well. Our hope, as always, is to encourage a process of Gov 2.0 reform by shining a light on both successes and failures.

That’s why we’re creating a new feature – San Francisco Value Added, which will highlight how you can find and use valuable content and services already generated by the city.

Most of us agree that one of the best city agencies is our San Francisco public library. So it comes as no surprise that we highlight a tremendous, but not widely known, service offered by the San Francisco Library – ebooks available for download online.

Thank You San Francisco Public Library

All you need is a library card and Internet access and you can download ebooks from the comfort of your own home – and at any time of day or night. As more and more of our knowledge economy moves online it just makes sense for the City of San Francisco and our public library to follow along.

At our Reset events many of our members talk frequently about how we need to make ourselves more knowledgable if we want to make sure San Francisco City Government starts working smarter. Well, here’s a great place to start.

If you want to download your own ebooks – take a look. But don’t be afraid to have some fun too (that’s what we did).