Here at Reset San Francisco, we know innovation in the classroom starts with giving great teachers the tools and support they need to succeed. That’s why we’ve been taking a close look at the website Curriki is a social network for educators. Already attracting more than 2 million unique views every year, the website provides a platform for teachers to share resources and teaching ideas. Curriki estimates school systems spend $4,500 per teacher on teaching resources like workbooks, lesson plans and other tools. By using the free resources on the website, schools and school districts have the potential to cut this cost by roughly 50%.

Engaging Educators With Creative Content

Whether it is music for preschoolers or geometry for 18 year-olds, it is likely Curriki has resources to help you. For example, when searching for photosynthesis you have the option to use a video complete with a cartoon character explaining the photosynthesis process. Alternatively, you can use a game that helps students learn the differences between photosynthesis and respiration. Even a whole biology curriculum for grades 9-10 is available. Curriki seeks to boost student achievement by providing content that goes beyond the standard methods of teaching. Not only is the content creative and innovative to assist learning, but it is also carefully assessed by experts in education and technology to ensure high quality material. Each lesson that is uploaded onto Curriki is graded by the website’s experts.

Connect On Curriki

Curriki’s website goes even further, not only providing content but also providing a forum in which teachers can connect. A Twitter page with 4,464 followers and an online blog keep teachers updated on the new resources available to them. Furthermore, there is an area in which groups can be created to discuss certain issues related to education. For example, a new open group allows teachers to answer questions such as how to apply web 2.0 strategy to schools and how to take advantage of open educational resources.

Crowdsourcing Education

Curriki is all about crowdsourcing. The aim is to share resources for schools globally.Curriki is all about crowdsourcing. The aim is to share resources for schools globally. Therefore, Curriki not only encourages you to utilize material but also encourages you to upload your own material, which could be helpful to other teachers. This ranges from uploading a lesson plan to writing a textbook or building a curriculum. One way to do this is to collaborate with others to create a curriculum together. While Web 2.0 isn’t a replacement for the kind of basic commitment to education our state needs – including new funding, so we are no longer dead last or nearly last in basic metrics like teacher/student ratio and support per pupil – it can help make well-supported schools even better. Take a look for yourself at