As a San Francisco resident, I was thrilled to see the recent Reset San Francisco blog featuring Curriki, a social network for educators for crowdsourcing curricula. We’re a local non-profit that is focused on breaking down the barriers of the Education Divide— the division of inequality that prevents children worldwide from access to quality education.

If you’re an educator, parent or even a student, I encourage you to check out Curriki where you’ll find more than 45,000 K-12 resources that are free for you to use, tweak and share. You can find everything from lesson plans and worksheets to videos and learning games. Have you heard of the Khan Academy or checked out free eTextbooks or Brainpop videos? You’ll find all of these on our site.

Here are a few comments from our members:

“Being able to browse through Curriki has allowed me to bring effective lessons and teaching ideas into the classroom when my brain is too exhausted to develop them on my own.” [Teacher]

“I just got my report card yesterday with straight A’s and a 4.1 GPA! I have been using Curriki for my geometry, and it has been helping me understand things so much better.” [Student]

“My wife and I stumbled upon Curriki while searching for innovative resources for the classroom. My wife thought it was a great community; I was skeptical… I now use Curriki resources in nearly all of my lessons.” [Teacher]

We’re excited to announce that we’ve just passed the 250,000 member mark. And members are joining at the rate of 500 new members per week! I encourage you to join and take advantage of the many free resources on Curriki. Did I mention that it’s free? Yes, anyone in the world — whether you’re a student, teacher, parent or simply curious — can join and use all the resources for free. So please join today.

We’re always interested in partnering with local schools, so contact me with your ideas