Groupon in Chicago has done it again – the tipping point deal website has expanded beyond just massages and manicures into the education realm. Last month Chicago Groupon offered a deal to help provide school supplies to kids in low income and high truancy neighborhoods. Now, Groupon is getting into the education arena with its sold-out offer for discounted college tuition. Groupon has partnered with National Louis University in Chicago to offer a reduced rate for an introductory graduate level teaching course. While Groupon has offered classes for cooking, it is the first time a tuition deal worth academic credits has been offered.

Chicago School Uses Groupon to Show Value of a Teaching Degree

Groupon offered the teaching course, called “Introduction to Teaching” for $950, which is about 57 percent off the regular $2,232 tuition price. The course is worth up to three credits towards the private university’s 36-creditMaster’s degree in teaching. Students spend an average of $30,000 per year on tuition. For students who have to pay exorbitant sums to get an education (the average student leaves school with about $17,000 in student loans or other financial obligations), a 57% discount tuition is a legitimate saving.

This Groupon benefits both the students and the university itself. National Louis University is able to entice students to try their program and students can save thousands of dollars on the cost of their degree. Students can also use the course as a way to see if teaching is the right path for them without the price tag of enrolling in a full Master’s degree program.

Higher education is increasingly expensive – and with fewer students considering teaching as a career, this incentive seems like a good idea. Allowing students to purchase Groupons for college classes is one way to incentivize higher education and help make it accessible.

What do you think? Would you be more likely to explore different fields if you could buy a Groupon for your college classes?