Mission Bit, an organization that promotes professional pathways to success via computer science, is open for summer enrollment now through May 20, 2016.

Mission Bit is an emerging organization aimed at promoting equity in the tech sector through intensive yet accessible computer science instruction. Their courses are available free of cost to the San Francisco public school students, and to female students and students of color at both private and public schools.

To help bridge the opportunity gap in technology fields for these underserved students, Mission Bit supplements their practical skills training with career counseling and automatic admission to more advanced programs upon completion.

Mission Bit’s main program is a two-year track that trains students in several coding languages. Semester courses are taught by volunteer professional engineers, tech entrepreneurs, and college computer science majors. Students need no prior instruction or minimum GPA, just the desire to learn programming skills. Accelerated, condensed courses in android app building web programming are offered during a six week summer semester.

Mission Bit Kids coding

Educators and community organizations can schedule shorter 60 to 90 minute coding workshops for students during a class in the regular school day or as an after school activity. These are designed to expose students to coding career opportunities, and to encourage enrollment into the main course.

Learn more at MissionBit.com.