SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) – The San Francisco Board of Education this week approved an
$823.9 million operating budget for the coming fiscal year, a $38 million increase
over the prior year.

The budget approved by the board on Tuesday includes $11.1 million
for salary increases, including a 5 percent raise for the start of the school
year for teachers, paraprofessionals and other staff, according to district
officials. The pay hike effectively moves up a planned 2.25 percent salary
increase by six months.

The budget also includes $5.1 million for the teacher’s retirement
fund and $4.5 million in school site allocations.
District officials said the budget includes an expansion of Arabic
and Vietnamese language pathways, an additional African American Achievement
and Leadership Initiative program coordinator and programs for youth with
incarcerated parents and homeless youth.

“We are committed to ensuring our resources go to where they are
most needed to create maximum impact for our students. The SFUSD budget
reflects our district’s long-term goals of equity, achievement and
accountability,” board president Matt Haney said in a statement.

The district expects to receive around $490 million in revenue
from the state’s Local Control Funding Formula, an increase from $465

However, while the current budget looks rosy, state funding is not
expected to increase at the same rate in the next few years and other sources
of state funding, including some temporary tax revenues, are set to expire in
the next year or two, according to the district.

(News by Bay City News)