Here's what you need to know to decide how to vote on California's Proposition 67.

ICYMI: the 2016 election will be held on Tuesday, November 8, with early voting kicking off at San Francisco’s City Hall on Tuesday, October 11.

In addition to voting for officials at the local, state, and national level, San Franciscans will face a decision on 17 state ballot initiatives and 25 local propositions.

Not sure how to vote on Proposition 67? We hope the brief voter guide below will help you decide!

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What Is Prop 67?

Prop 67 would ratify SB 270, which would prevent retail stores from giving customers single–use plastic or paper carry-out bags.

The proposition does allow for the sale of recycled paper bags and reusable bags.

Who Supports Prop 67?

Key supporters of Prop 67 include: the California Democratic Party and more than 400 businesses, organizations, community groups, elected officials, and individuals.

Supporters argue that the proposition would have a substantial, positive impact on the environment by decreasing litter, protecting oceans and wildlife, and reducing clean-up costs.

Who Opposes Prop 67?

Key opponents of Prop 67 include: the American Forest and Paper Association, American Progressive Bag Alliance, California Manufacturers and Technology Association, and the Stop the Bag Ban coalition.

Opponents argue that the proposition would lead to increased costs to consumers by requiring them to pay 10 cents per bag for a paper sack or thicker, plastic bag that is reusable at checkout.

Opponents also contend that Prop 67 would serve to generate additional profits for retailers, rather than allocating plastic bag fees to environmental projects.

Learn More about Prop 67

To learn more, read the full text of Proposition 67.

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