The latest adventure into Gov. 2.0 comes to us today from the California Energy Commission and The Natural Resources Agency in the form of Cal-Adapt, a new online tool for local governments aimed at helping them address climate change.

During a live online demonstration this morning, the creators of the new program discussed the detailed information that can be found through the site and how the data provided can be used to project everything from projected sea level rise to areas prone to wild fires.

While Reset hasn’t yet had a chance to fully dive into the content made available, we’re intrigued by what seems to be yet another clear step forward by California government towards a more data driven, Gov. 2.0 approach to public policy and problem solving.

Creators of the site say it is designed to help planners in government but also point out that they hope it will be used by and benefit the general public. And they have used tools that they believe will be easy for the general public to navigate including a Google Maps format. So check out the new site by clicking here and let us know what you think in the comment section below.