and UPS recently announced their Green Side of Business program to help a U.S. business become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. While the competition is open to any business in the United States, we think San Francisco has a decent chance.

San Francisco is a Leader in Green

This year, Siemens awarded San Francisco the distinction of being the greenest city in the United States and Canada. The Siemens report acknowledged San Francisco’s green incentive programs, green job creation and comprehensive plans for sustainable use of resources as contributing to our high ranking — especially GoSolarSF, a solar rooftop incentive program co-founded by Phil Ting. San Francisco residents know we live in a green city, but now our green businesses can win $10k to help foster even more green sustainability efforts.

The contest is open to employees and business owners, so enter your business or employer now to win. Entries are due by December 6. The winner will receive advice from green business experts in addition to $10k. The winning business will be chosen based on its commitment to improving its green business model.