Good news San Francisco! Sorting out all your trash and compost into those green and blue cans is finally good for something other than Mother Earth and your karma.

While San Francisco recently ranked in the top 20 for dirtiest cities in the nation, a new study by Siemens awarded us the title San-Francisco-Waste-Binsof greenest city in the United States and Canada. Now that’s a distinction we will gladly take.

The report assessed the environmental performance of 27-major U.S. and Canadian cities by looking at 31 indicators like water, energy consumption and recycling. San Francisco scored 83.8 out of 100, a solid B worth of green. To no one’s surprise, Detroit was the least green of 27 cities ranked.

Solar Incentive Program, GoSolarSF, Get High Marks

Siemens’ report acknowledges San Francisco’s green incentive programs, green job creation, and comprehensive plans for sustainable use of resources as contributing to our high ranking- especially GoSolarSF, a solar rooftop incentive program co-founded by Phil Ting.

This shout out comes at a crucial time for GoSolarSF. While Siemens Expert Advisory Panel recognizes the value and success of GoSolarSF, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has proposed a drastic cuts to the program’s funding – cuts the Board of Supervisors have partially restored.

GoSolarSF is San Francisco’s most successful environmental and green program, and directly influences San Francisco leadership in green government. GoSolarSF has quadrupled the number of solar roofs in the city, created scores of new green jobs, and attracted nearly a dozen new solar companies to San Francisco, helping to solidify our status as an emerging capital of the green economy.

Please sign our petition to save GoSolarSF, and keep San Francisco greener than the rest.