Noe Valley Artist Designs Earth Day Stamp for U.S. Post Office

San Francisco has always been known for leading the way on the green economy. From our successful solar incentive programs like GoSolarSF to the adoption of composting throughout the city, San Francisco is leading the way in terms of green jobs. In 2010 named San Francisco the Top City for Green Job Seekers, with over 42,000 green jobs right here in San Francisco.

So it is only fitting that when the U.S. Post Office decided on a series of ‘green’ Earth Day stamps this year they commissioned a San Francisco artist. Noe Valley resident Eli Noyes designed all sixteen stamps that illustrate simple ways to reduce environmental impact. From recycling more to using public transportation to buying local and reusing produce bags, each stamp shows us how simple it is to be green.

SF Go Green Stamps 2

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