San Francisco is among the first few cities to test drive Google’s new tool that encourages consumers to go solar.

The aptly named Project Sunroof has a similar feel as Google Maps; the tool uses a homeowner’s address to measure the amount of sunlight that hits their roof. The tool then calculates the hypothetical costs and benefits to their energy bill if they were to switch to solar.

Google then provides a list of recommended solar panel installation companies that operate in the user’s area. Right now, the service is only available for residents of San Francisco, Fresno, and Boston, but once the program expands to other cities it is expected to lead to substantial gains in sales for solar companies.

Google has a track record of funding big solar and wind projects around the world and has spent close to $2 billion on clean energy projects globally.


California Leads the Green Energy Revolution

California is at the forefront of pioneering the nation’s eco-friendly economy, and since Phil Ting launched GoSolarSF in 2008, San Franciscans have been increasingly interested in making the solar switch themselves.

But as we have talked about before here at Reset, solar energy can sometimes seem just too expensive for some people.

The good news is that the U.S. solar industry is growing rapidly, and consumer installation prices are at an all time low, fueling a boom in the clean energy industry.

There are currently 20 gigawatts of solar panels installed around the country, growing by about 1 gigawatt per quarter. For some perspective, 1 gigawatt equates to the size of about 1 large natural gas or coal plant.

San Franciscans continue to be on the cutting edge of the green energy movement. Are you planning to make the switch to solar? Let us know in the comments below!