Last Spring, with your overwhelming support both online and offline, we were able to save GoSolarSF from the chopping block when the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission proposed devastating budget cuts to this successful green program. (You can watch the rally video here.)

In these economic times, we need to support programs that are showing results. That’s why I’m asking you to join us and help preserve funding for GoSolarSF.

Please join nearly a thousand San Franciscans who have signed our petition to support GoSolarSF.

GoSolarSF is a successful solar incentive program that has quadrupled the number of solar roofs in San Francisco and created hundreds of new green jobs, including full-time jobs for local youth hired by solar contractors through partnerships with non-profits working with underserved communities. The program is also responsible for increased installation of solar panels on low-income homes, hundreds of new solar electric systems and decreased carbon emissions citywide. GoSolarSF has also attracted a multitude of new solar companies to the city, including Suntech, the largest solar panel manufacturer in the world.

When San Francisco was recently recognized as the greenest city the United States and Canada by a Siemens report, GoSolarSF was named as one of the top contributing factors in the decision.

Support GoSolarSF

GoSolarSF is one of the most successful green programs in the nation. Despite the clear success of the program, earlier this year the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission proposed a 40% cut in the program’s funding.

That’s right. One of the most successful environmental and green job programs in San Francisco is facing drastic funding cuts once again. In tough times, tough choices have to be made — but cutting programs that stimulate the economy, save the environment and create jobs is not the answer. Now, there are new proposals on the table that would slash even deeper, perhaps even eliminate, one of the nation’s most successful local solar incentives.

The Data Shows GoSolarSF Is Working

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab reported that homes with rooftop solar panels sell for a substantial premium over homes without the capacity to generate all or some of their own electric power. And data from my office shows that once the new solar homes are sold, the city gains more than $2,000 per home in increased property taxes because homes with solar are more valuable. These facts, plus the added civic return on investment, are why I have proposed to Green Grade homes in San Francisco.

Residents who are saving up to hundreds of dollars each month on their utility bills have more to spend in our local economy. New green businesses and new green jobs stimulate the economy. In other words, this is an investment that is more than paying for itself.

Please join nearly a thousand San Franciscans today, and sign the petition to support GoSolarSF. By showing that we can organize strong support now, we can prevent this program from facing future devastating cuts.