By: Wei Zheng

Is there a short cut that leads to a more green life in just a few minutes? Why yes there is, and it’s called the HeatMeter. The HeatMeter, a sensor that monitors the usage of propane, natural gas, and oil, will help families measure their energy consumption in real time through their smartphone, improving energy efficiency.

If every household improved their heating efficiency by 16 percent, it would be the same as taking all of the cars in California off the road!

HeatMeter, Smart Sensor Helps You Reduce Energy Costs

Turning down your thermostat is a great way to conserve energy. However, the HeatMeter creates a much smarter solution to reduce a family’s carbon footprint without wasted time or labor costs. This sensor not only tracks everyday usage to make sure that temperatures stay constant, but also sends out alerts to smartphones if abnormal heating patterns occur.

Even if you are on vacation, it is easy to watch your heating system to ensure that you don’t get stuck with high energy bills. In addition to this, you can compare your own home’s efficiency with similar homes and from there, brainstorm energy-saving steps.

The HeatMeter can be attached to the surface of a thermostat or boiler like a refrigerator magnet in less than five minutes. The meter works with Apple, Android and Blackberry phones and tablets.

Phil Ting Urges Green Building Development in San Francisco—Can You Help to Protect Our Depleting Resources?

San Franciscans have the responsibility to make their city better, and one way to improve cities is to make them more sustainable and environmentally friendly. If we all take small steps to conserve more energy, we can make a huge impact.

That’s why Phil Ting introduced the Green Grade Incentive Program to encourage businesses to consider their impact on the environment. This project not only creates a healthy business environment in San Francisco, but also allows us to develop a more green mentality overall.

How can you help HeatMeter? Do you want to start saving energy immediately? Make a donation to their Kickstarter today, so that they can produce the devices we need to help us stay engaged in the energy conservation effort.