Last night, The Golden State Warriors cemented their place in NBA history by winning the Bay Area’s first NBA championship in 40 years.

This magical season brought franchise records in wins and sell-outs, a league MVP, and ended with the team raising the championship trophy in celebration.

But the celebration is only beginning. Fans will join the team this Friday June 19th, when the warriors bring the NBA trophy back to Oakland. The parade will move through the streets of Oakland covering most of the city. Oakland transit authority are preparing to combat delays and keep the streets as safe as possible for all in attendance.


The Warriors championship parade will begin on the corner of Broadway and 11th street at 10 A.M. Floats carrying players will move down Broadway and turn right down West Grand Ave. The team will make their way down Harrison St. alongside Lake Merritt, onto Lakeside Drive and end on Oak St. next to the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center.

After the parade traverses the city, a rally will be held on Lake Merritt Blvd closing down the surrounding neighborhood so fans can gather to commemorate a memorable season.


City officials are preparing for significant traffic delays and street closures throughout most of city, lasting Thursday through Saturday morning.

The city will close 10th and 11th Streets at noon Thursday before the celebration, and will not reopen the streets until Saturday morning at 6 a.m.

Police and public transit authorities are encouraging everyone to take public transit to prevent any further delays and keep as many cars off the roads as possible.

To combat the anticipated crowds Alameda Contra-Costa transit district will be redirecting buses to accommodate riders going to the parade.

BART will also be running additional trains to Oakland on Friday with a modified schedule to keep up with the demand of riders going to the parade.

In further attempts to keep cars of the roads and limit traffic delays, the city will be placing tow away signs throughout the city to encourage more public transit ridership and safe travel.

Also keep in mind, that President Obama will be in San Francisco on Friday for the U.S. Conference of Mayors. It will be a logistical mess on public transit going into and out of San Francisco from the East Bay, so be prepared for longer commutes all day.

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