At Reset San Francisco we believe that a great city deserves an innovative government – a government with vision. That’s why Phil Ting is working to show how innovative solutions can work, especially when we work together.

On November 7, Phil Ting and the Reset San Francisco community will pilot their own L-Taraval Express Bus from 46th Avenue & Taraval Street to Downtown San Francisco – an idea from our L-Taraval Muni Town Hall after riders heard about the highly regarded NX-Judah Express.

Are you tired of waiting for the L-Taraval? RSVP for the L-Taraval Express!

Join mayoral candidate Phil Ting for a free, chartered bus ride from the Outer Taraval to Downtown SF. We’ll have breakfast on board, too! Seats are first come, first serve, so pleaseRSVP.

Here are the pick up times:

• 40th and Taraval – 7:45AM (map)
• Sunset and Taraval – 7:48AM (map)
• 32nd and Taraval – 7:52AM (map)
• 22nd and Taraval – 7:56AM (map)
• 19th and Taraval – 8:00AM (map)

Here are the drop-off points:

• Civic Center – 8:35AM (map)
• Powell – 8:38AM (map)
• Montgomery – 8:41AM (map)
• Embarcadero – 8:45AM (map)

RSVP Today!