Imagine a Muni that actually works. It can happen – if we take charge and demand the changes needed to make our buses and streetcars run reliably and run more frequently.
Phil Ting understands that our city government can be as creative and innovative the rest of San Francisco. That’s why our campaign to Reset San Francisco is holding Muni Town Halls throughout the city this Fall.

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Muni is the slowest transit system in America, and it is one of the least reliable. But there are solutions – simple things like putting bus stops at stop signs so we don’t have to stop twice, proven technologies like timing lights, and clear priorities – like keeping City Hall from diverting money that we approved to fix Muni into political pet projects.

Join us as we work to Reset San Francisco – starting with Resetting the 38 Geary, the 1 California, the N Judah, the L Taraval and all of the lines that make up our Municipal Railway.

Questions? Contact us at [email protected] for more information.