Yes, if you work in the Presidio, you can get a ride to work on the PresidiGo Shuttle for a free ride from the Transbay Terminal. The shuttle stop is located on Beale Street near Howard Street.

You can board the PresidiGo at the Embarcadero BART station or the intersection of Union Street and Van Ness Avenue.

Riders must display the appropriate boarding pass to ride PresidiGo. You can obtain a pass from the Presidio Trust or your employer in the Presidio. The shuttle provides direct drop-off to several sites within the par. You can see PresidiGo Downtown map and schedule online.

Visitors to the Presidio can also use the PresidiGo Downtown Shuttle during non-commute hours (10 am to 3 pm) or by obtaining a MUNI Passport (not a FastPass and not Clipper Card). For more information, view the PresidiGo Downtown map and schedule.


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