Before you can change your child’s assigned school placement, you need to gain the approval of the Medical and Family Hardship Appeals Committee. And to do that, you need to find the appropriate appeal form here.

The forms vary depending on the appeal cycle, so you’ll need to find the form that fits your reason for the appeal and does not exceed the due date of the form. Return it by the appropriate deadline in order for your case to be reviewed.

The Medical and Family Hardship Appeals Committee meets after the first two school placement periods and conducts a review of placement appeals for students with medical or family hardships.

Medical Appeals

Students with a serious medical condition that cannot be accommodated at the assigned school can file a medical appeal. Medical appeals can only be for a student’s medical condition and not those of parent or other family members.

Family Hardship Appeals

Parents and guardians can file a Family Hardship Appeal if they can show that they possess a unique hardship that cannot be met at the assigned school. Transportation, and proximity do not constitute valid family hardship.