If Fido is lost, and you’ve put up fliers, you should check to see if he ended up at the San Francisco Animal Control.

Stray animals in San Francisco are held for a minimum of 96 hours by San Francisco Animal Control.

There is a $50 fee to get your pet back from San Francisco animal control for the first impound. The fee increases to $100 for the second impound and $150 for the third impound.

In addition, there is a state fine for unaltered animals as follows: $35 first impound, $50 second impound, $100 third impound. In addition to the San Francisco Animal Control fees there are also state fines for unaltered animals, ranging from $35 for the first impound to $100 for the third.

If your dog is not licensed you will be required to purchase a San Francisco dog license before being able to reclaim your dog. For more information visit the San Francisco Animal control website.


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