Your permit provides parking privileges on San Francisco city streets for vehicles essential to your shoot including equipment trucks, lifts, cranes, motorhomes and honeywagons. There is no additional fee for parking.

To secure parking, a Use Agreement (permit application) and posting diagram (map) must be received by the Film Office a minimum of four business days before posting is to go into effect. Crew or personal vehicles are not allowed in posted parking under any circumstances and will be ticketed and possibly towed. Motorhomes with pop-outs cannot be used on city streets.

Posting Diagrams must include the following:

The number of spaces to be posted.

Meter numbers or addresses adjacent to posted spots.

All bus stops, painted curbs and tow away zones should be noted on the map.

A directional indicator.

The Production Company name, Dates and Times of the posting, and Contact Phone Number.

Here is a Sample Posting diagram. Once your posting has been approved by the Film Office and SFPD please follow these posting instructions.

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