San Francisco’s public transit system is known as MUNI. Each route has both a number and a name, which are displayed at the front of the buses. Some buses like 38L-Geary make only limited stops along routes. Others such as the 30x-Marina Express run at peak hours from certain neighborhoods directly to downtown.

MUNI costs $2 a ride for adults and 75 cents for children and seniors. When you pay your bus fare a transfer slip is provided which is good for 90 minutes. You can use this transfer to ride any bus, streetcar, or train within those 90 minutes. 

Particularly on the streetcar lines, there is an emerging proof of payment system – and there are regular checks from fare inspectors. There are payment machines on many streetcar boarding areas, but not all.

The MUNI is making a rapid transition to an electronic payment card called Clipper, which has not been smooth. You can buy the Clipper Card most places where you can buy the old “Fast Pass” and you can now buy a Clipper Card at machines in most BART stations. Cable cars cost $5 per ride and there are no transfers given or accepted. While it isn’t perfect, the San Francisco Municipal Transporation Agency which runs MUNI gives more directions here.


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