Adult 10-ride local tickets are good for 10 rides on any AC Transit local buses. AC Transit also offers 10 ride local ticket for youth, seniors and the disabled.

Each time the 10-ride tickets are used a ride will be deducted. The back of the card will show you how many rides are left. Once all the 10 rides have been used “EXPIRED” will be printed on the back of the pass and it will no longer be valid.

To use a 10-ride ticket on a Transbay bus you must insert your card into the fare box twice and two rides will be deducted. You can also pay the additional fare in cash.

Multiple riders can use the same 10-ride ticket at a time on AC Transit. Transfers are not included on local 10 ride tickets, but can be purchased when boarding the first bus for an additional 25 cents. Transfers are good for one ride within 120 minutes from the time it is issued.


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