San Francisco offers several filming incentives and tax deductions in San Francisco. Qualifying productions are eligible for a refund of all payroll taxes and city fees up to $600,000 per production. Feature Films, TV Series episodes and pilots are all eligible for the program. For budgets under $3 million, 55% of principal photography must take place in San Francisco. For budgets of $3 million or more, 65% of principal photography must take place in San Francisco.

The following costs are eligible for refunds in San Francisco:

Fees paid to City Departments for the use or rental of City property, equipment or employees including: Port, MUNI, SFPD, SFFD, DPT, DPW, Treasure Island, Recreation and Parks, and all City buildings.

All daily use fees paid to the San Francisco Film Commission.

All payroll taxes paid to the City and County of San Francisco.

Click here for detailed guidelines about incentives, or to download the refund application.

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