The San Francisco Sidewalk Inspection and Repair Program is run by the Department of Public Works. The Sidewalk Inspection and Repair Program helps property owners comply with San Francisco City and State codes on sidewalk maintenance and standards.

Department of Public Works’ sidewalk inspector surveys sidewalks based on pedestrian usage as well as proximity to MUNI routes and schools. You can see detailed Guidelines for Inspection – DPW Order 178,884 online. If the inspector finds a defect, property owners will get a notice to repair from DPW.

If you receive a notice to repair, you can immediately make the repairs, or you can participate in a competitively-bid sidewalk contract administered through DPW. Prior to making any repairs you must obtain a permit from DPW before repairs can begin.

If you have received a notice to repair, you can apply for economic hardship for assistance making repairs. Property owners who qualify under economic hardship may be granted a deferred payment plan of up to $4,000.

You can find more information about the Sidewalk Inspection and Repair Program online.


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