When your supplemental tax bill is due in San Francisco depends on when they are mailed by the Office of the Treasurer & Tax Collector. If the bill is mailed between July 1 and October 30, the taxes will become delinquent at 5 pm on December 10 for the first installment and 5 pm on April 10 for the second installment.

If the supplemental tax bill is mailed between November 1 and June 30, the delinquency dates will be printed on the bill. The first installment will become delinquent at 5 pm on the last day of the month after the month bill was mailed. The second installment is delinquent at 5 pm fourth months after the delinquency date of the first installment.

Penalties of 10% are added to any installment, which is not paid on time, and an additional $45 charge is added to a late second installment.


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