San Francisco Family and Children Services (Child Welfare) supports an array of Family Resource Centers for parents who are feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of running a family and supporting a child. There are seven neighborhood-based Family Resource Centers in San Francisco which are supported by the the San Francisco Human Services Agency and provide parents with resources such as counseling, child care, mentoring, case management, parent education and other activities. They are:

Asian Pacific Islander Family Resource Network
638 Clay Street
(415) 617-0061

Bayview Hunters Point Family Resource Center
1601 Lane Street
(415) 822-7728

Chicano/Latino Family Resource System
2919 Mission Street
(415) 229-0550

Oceanview/Merced/Ingleside Family Resource Center
156 Broad Street
(415) 406-1370

Potrero Hill Family Resource Center
85 Turner Terrace
(415) 206-2133
(For families with children less than 14 years old and homeless individuals)

Support for Families with Children with Disabilities
2601 Mission Street, Suite 606
(415) 282-7494
(For families with children with special health needs or disabilities)

TalkLine Family Support Center
1757 Waller Street
(415) 441-KIDS (5437)

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