By: Dwight Alexander

Nearly three years ago OpenTable challenged San Francisco restaurants. The online reservation service failed to include any of the Fog City’s restaurants in its 2011 top 100 restaurants list.  Us at Reset, being the food junkies that we are, were appalled by this error and voiced our concerns, blaming it on the failure of OpenTable’s crowdsourcing system.

It may not have been OpenTable’s fault but San Francisco restaurants sure took it personally. However, coming into 2014 OpenTable, put all things right again by putting four San Francisco restaurants on their top 100 list. This makes San Francisco the fourth best city to eat in behind New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia, but in front of Los Angeles, our bitter rivals in everything.

Though a few good spots may still be AWOL from the list like Coi, Benu, and Quince here are the places that did make the cut.


Located right off Van Ness street at 1722 Sacramento St., Acquerello is a must go for fine dining in San Francisco. This small Italian place is no stranger to San Francisco and Executive Chef Suzette Gresham has been feeding Nob Hill and beyond for over 25 years. Acquerello has won many awards including one star in the 2014 Michelin Guide and the Wine Spectator Grand Award for 2012-2014.

Atelier CrennAtelier-Crenn

Sitting at 3127 Fillmore Street, this restaurant, run by Chef Dominique Crenn, is the crème de la crème (or Crenn de la Crenn) of restaurants not only in San Francisco, but in the country. The restaurant is known for its unique modern French cuisine and seasonally changing menu. Atelier Crenn has also won its fair share of awards, posting and amazing two stars Michelin Guide rating. 

Sons & Daughters

sons-and-daughtersLocated right in the center of downtown at 780 Bush Street, Son & Daughters flaunts a very unique dining experience. Like others on this list it has a seasonally shifting menu, but the restaurant also has its own garden and an open kitchen that can be viewed from anywhere in the 28 person dining room. Along with being able to see Chef Matt McNamara and Chef Teague Moriarty in action a beautiful fireplace adds to the atmosphere. Sons & Daughters is well decorated with awards and has a one star Michelin Guide rating.


saisonOnly a few blocks away from our cities favorite baseball stadium, on 178 Townsend St., is the amazing Saison restaurant. Chef Joshua Skenes is the man in charge but if you’re one to browse the menu before you pick a restaurant you’re out of luck. This restaurant sports a new menu each day based on local resources, allowing them to get the most out of every season. Saison also has a two star Michelin Guide rating making it a definite must for fine dining.

Now all of these may be of my price range and the portions may be a bit small, but it’s nice to know that my city has some of the best fine dining options in the country.

For more bay area fine dining check out the Michelin Guide San Francisco 2014.