By: Kate Maeder
Last week, we wrote about food truck rodeos in San Francisco, and we’re not shy about our love for food and for the passionate San Franciscans who dedicate their lives to serving up some of the most delicious dishes in the city.

And this Thursday, June 2, the Reset San Francisco team is holding the first Food Truck Rodeo Review at the Off the Grid food truck rodeos.

That’s right – our team will be eating all day, from UN Plaza to Upper Haight, reviewing as many of the revered gourmet food trucks in the city as we can find.

Off the Grid: UN Plaza – 11:30-2:30pm
Off the Grid: Upper Haight – 4:30-8:30pm
• Where are there other food trucks you think we should review? Email us at [email protected] and let us know.

Off the Grid brands itself as a “roaming mobile food extravaganza,” bringing you great food with free sides of music, craft and soul. Whether it’s Kung Fu Tacos, Curry Up Now, The Crème Brulee Man, or CupKate’s, you’re sure to grab a memorable bite. Check out some of the other Off the Grid vendors here.


Stay tuned for the hippest reviews, the coolest pictures and perhaps even some videos of the Reset team tearing it up at the hottest food trucks in San Francisco.

Want to join the Reset Food Truck Rodeo? Email us at [email protected].

Where is the Off the Grid food truck rodeo during the rest of the week? Find out here: