Here's what you need to know to decide how to vote on San Francisco's Proposition S.

ICYMI: the 2016 election will be held on Tuesday, November 8, with early voting kicking off at San Francisco’s City Hall on Tuesday, October 11.

In addition to voting for officials at the local, state, and national level, San Franciscans will face a decision on 17 state ballot initiatives and 25 local propositions.

Not sure how to vote on Proposition S? We hope the brief voter guide below will help you decide!

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What Is Prop S?

Under current law, the city collects a hotel tax of 14% on the rental of hotel rooms, with 8% as a base tax and the remaining 6% as a tax surcharge.

Currently, the 8% base tax flows into the General Fund, which the Board of Supervisors can allocate for any public purpose.

Prop S would keep the tax rate the same but would require that funds raised by the 8% base tax be allocated towards arts programs and family homeless services.

Who Supports Prop S?

Key supporters of Proposition S include: Supervisor Eric MarJonathan Moscone, and Martha Ryan.

Supporters argue that Prop S would benefit the city by directing funds toward worthy purposes (i.e. supporting the arts and homeless families) without raising taxes.

Who Opposes Prop S?

No official opposition has been submitted in response to Prop S.

Learn More about Prop S

To learn more, read the full text of Proposition S.

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