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That parking ticket you received while popping into the post office for just a second can now be paid online in less time than it took you to go into that post office.

Overview: Implementing Gov 2.0, San Francisco makes it easy to pay a parking fine.

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Breaking it down:

Accessibility: 2 out of 3


This is easily accessed, in a three-step process, from the home page, or from a link directly found on the San Francisco MTA home page.


But it’s only in English.

Ease of Use: 3 out of 3


The process of paying for your parking citations is simple enough: search by your citation number, or plate number and state, and pay.

Design: 3 out of 3

The pages for the process are visually consistent and clean.

The Guide: 2 out of 3

There is a technical support link at the bottom of the page, and misleadingly, at the top of the page there is a … broken … “Help” link.

User Feedback: 3 out of 3

At the base of each “Citation Payment” page, there is a link for Support Services. It takes you to a page that offers the following contact information: “For problems with online payment of parking tickets or transit infractions, contact the San Francisco 311 Customer Service Center.”

How to…

From, click on “Online Services,” and then scroll to “Payment Services” to select “Parking Ticket Payment.”


You can search for existing citations and then pay for them; however:

  • A processing fee of $2.50 will be charged for each transaction
  • If your vehicle has been booted or towed, the fee cannot be paid on the site
  • Citations may not be available for payment online for up to two weeks
  • It may take up to two hours for payment to post on website
  • Only U.S. credit cards are accepted

The process then involves giving your information and paying the fine.

Slightly problematic: Unless you ask Google to translate this page, there is no method of translating this process for those who cannot read English.

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