Reset San Francisco How To'sThe San Francisco Education Fund, in partnership with the San Francisco School Volunteers, merged to form an organization dedicated to improving the San Francisco public schools. The branch of this all-inclusive effort, which focuses on volunteerism in San Francisco schools, is an attempt to harness the great creativity, expertise, and talent available in our city and make it available to our students to enhance their education. The Fund works to prioritize schools, which demonstrate the most need, and once the needs of those schools are met, they look to other schools with less pressing problems.

Recent budget cuts have increased the demands on the organizations like the San Francisco Education Fund and now more than ever they need members of the community to help bridge the gap between what the SFUSD can offer and what the students need.

For businesses, they can collaborate with schools by facilitating and encourage employees to take on volunteer opportunities, and they can also offer schools in-kind donations to meet the supply needs of schools.

Relationships between businesses and schools can range from one-time arrangements to assisting with special projects in the district to more permanent partnerships with individual schools, such as those participants of the Allies for Education program. There are no stipulated requirements; businesses participate to the extent that the partnership fits their goals and budget.

In order to make an in-kind donation, interested businesses should reach out to Erin Wallace[email protected] or 415.749.3700, or fill out the online form:

Once Erin and the staff at the San Francisco Education Fund are aware of the type of donation a business would like to make, they turn to the schools to see if there is a need for the material. If they are able to find a need for the donation, then the San Francisco Education Fund puts the businesses in touch with the principals of the interested schools to arrange the drop-off of the donation.