On September 9, California celebrated its 166th birthday. Here's a roundup of the best tweets celebrating the state's special day.

Last week, California celebrated a milestone birthday. It wasn’t the 50th. Or the 100th. Or even the 150th.

On September 9, the state — which was the 31st to enter the union in 1850 — turned the ripe old age of 166 years old.

In lieu of hosting a big bash (or sending an expensive gift), we thought we’d celebrate California’s special day by sharing a roundup of the best tweets we saw honoring the Golden State and its birthday.

After all, what better way to celebrate a special occasion than with a trending hashtag?

In this case, it was the obvious yet appropriate #HappyBirthdayCalifornia.

Top Tweets Celebrating California’s Birthday

Natural Beauty

It will likely come as no surprise that many of the best Twitter posts featured striking photos of the state’s natural beauty.

As you’ll see, the four-image collage was a particularly popular tweet format (just as San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge turned up as a particularly popular photo subject)!

Geographic Diversity

Our top tweets not only highlighted the state’s picturesque scenery but also its geographic diversity.

Indeed, as the third largest state in the U.S. in terms of land size, California offers an impressive range of climates, natural vegetation, and outdoor activities.

Bringing the Humor

A few of our favorite Twitter posts took a more humorous approach to celebrating California’s birthday.

From jokes about the state’s age to animated GIFs featuring one of its key agricultural products, these tweets made sure California and its residents didn’t take themselves too seriously!

Bay Area Pride

And, of course, no Reset San Francisco post would be complete without a few birthday tweets highlighting SF and the surrounding region.

Admittedly we might be a bit biased, but we must confess we consider the Bay Area to truly be the best part of California!