Today, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that Supervisors Jane Kim and Eric Mar are withdrawing their support of the proposed measure that would dismantle Care Not Cash, a successful program that helps the city’s homeless transition off the street. Without their support, the measure does not have the four supervisor backers that it needs to make the ballot in November.

The facts show that Care Not Cash is working. And at Reset San Francisco, we’re happy that the Board of Supervisors came to their senses and listened to the community. In June, five Supervisors placed the measure on the ballot without public hearing or debate.

Hundreds of San Franciscans signed our petition to protect Care Not Cash on and watched our video – where we allowed members of the community to speak for themselves on this program.

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Since the implementation of Care Not Cash, over 3,500 formerly homeless San Franciscans have been placed in permanent housing and the number of individuals receiving County Adult Assistance has dropped by 85%. Rather than gut the entire program, Trent Rhorer, Director of the Human Services Agency, said that the city could make the program’s current shelter bed allocation be a fluid number, allowing the city to make adjustments as needed.

By using online tools, like petitions, emails, social media and video, our online community was able to engage San Franciscans to contribute to the conversation and to join the fight to protect Care Not Cash – and that’s what Reset San Francisco is all about.

Now let’s get to work to continue to make Care Not Cash even more effective by working together as a community.