New service, Crane Watch shows users construction and development projects in San Francisco.

As one of the oldest cities on America’s west coast, San Francisco is constantly renovating and building to replace its aging infrastructure and to accommodate for a growing population. Construction noise and tedious detours are part of any major city as many native San Franciscans know. Sometimes the vast number of developments and projects can be difficult to monitor and avoid.

That issue can now be solved thanks to Crane Watch, an intelligent service from the San Francisco Business Times. The business journal has researched and compiled a comprehensive list of every major construction and development project in San Francisco and identified each on through an interactive map.

The map allows users to scroll and identify different projects listed with multicolored pins. Each pin represents a specific type of project – from retail, office and even residential. Project pins can list the name, address, description, developer, contractor, architect and also the construction cost.

In total, San Francisco Business Times has over $50 billion worth of construction projects listed on the map. Many hope that these projects will spur economic development while also providing local jobs and much needed housing.

Due to the long regulatory processes for building in California and San Francisco, the business journal will update every quarter when projects break ground and reach completion.

If you are interested in learning what projects are being built around San Francisco, check out the interactive map here at the San Francisco Business Times.