Tonight, Circle the Wagons and Head to a Food Truck “Rodeo”

When you think San Francisco, you probably don’t think rodeo. But one of the first things many people do associate with our splendid city is food – really good, fresh food. So we shouldn’t be all that surprised to hear that the one rodeo San Francisco has, has nothing to do with horses and everything to do with food – say hello to food truck rodeos!

The term – and trend – refers to several food trucks riding into a public area, circling up and serving good grub. So with the weekend drawing near, we figured this Thursday night would be as good as any to take in what for many will be their first rodeo. Tonight and every Thursday night, Off the Grid hosts a food truck rodeo in the Upper Haight, where between 6 to 10 trucks gather near the corner of Stanyan and Waller Streets.

Reset has not been shy about our support of the food truck movement in San Francisco. We are admittedly intrigued by studies that show allowing food trucks to operate in and around parks and public gathering places is a way to bolster our local economy, create jobs, improve public safety and further enliven San Francisco’s lively neighborhoods.

According to our recent survey where more than 800 San Franciscans participated, 81% of respondents strongly or somewhat oppose a hypothetical ban on private food carts in public parks like Dolores Park.

Food Truck GraphicIf you can’t make it to the Upper Haight tonight, you could try to catch Off the Grid: Fort Mason Center tomorrow. And for a complete list of some of the regular food truck events in San Francisco you can click here.

Do you have favorite food trucks or know of food truck rodeos you love? Are there favorite trucks you have in the neighborhood where you live or work? Places you’d like to see the food trucks roll on an evening soon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and we’ll do our best to stay on top of the issue.

Enjoy the rodeo.