Did you know studies have shown that well maintained neighborhood parks lower crime while raising property values?

In terms of Civic Return on Investment, there are few San Francisco government initiatives that return more to San Franciscans than our incredible neighborhood parks. For more than a decade, the organization working hardest to improve our parks has been the Neighborhood Parks Council. Long before most politicians had even heard of Gov 2.0, they were pioneering new ways to improve and protect our parks with a program called ParkScan.

Long before IPhones and IPads, ParkScan was the original San Francisco citizen app – a way for us to observe and report what needed to be done to improve our parks.

And it is still going strong.

And that’s just one of the hundreds of ways the council has worked to improve San Francisco’s parks and playgrounds. Want to do something nice for San Francisco and your own neighborhood this Sunday? Check out the Neighborhood Parks Council – and while you’re at it, don’t forget to the people who support our parks need our support too.