Memorial Day weekend traditionally involves picnics, baseball games and maybe a barbeque with friends at Dolores Park or Marina Green. But over the course of the next few days, we should also find the time to remember and thank San Francisco’s servicemen and women, who fought to keep this country free.

The Coming Home Project, an outstanding local nonprofit, is doing incredible work on their behalf. Headquartered on Bush and Octavia, Coming Home focuses on helping soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan re-acclimate to civilian life.

Deployments, and especially the prolonged deployments that have characterized our recent conflicts, can take a real toll on our soldiers and their families. They often return to us having experienced intense physical and psychological stress that can strain relationships and fray connections. Many are dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder and its effects.

The Coming Home Project does a great job evaluating their needs and providing them with the services and support that helps them reconnect. They offer free, confidential counseling and host stress management retreats for their clients and their families. The LA Times has a great piece about how beneficial they can be.

The folks at the Coming Home Project think about our soldiers all year long. This Monday, Reset SF will be thinking of them, and of the local heroes they serve.