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Tune in to the Ask an Expert Live Webcast with Phil Ting, Jay Nath and Gina Tomlinson on June 9

If you could ask San Francisco's Director of Innovation and Chief Technology Officer one question, what would it be? Tune in the live webcast on June 9 at 2pm and join the conversation. Submit your questions in advance to [email protected].


Reset Goes Off the Grid

On Thursday, June 2, the Reset San Francisco team is holding the first Food Truck Rodeo Review at Off the Grid at UN Plaza and Upper Haight. Join us as we eat our way through the best food trucks in the city! Read More


City Poll Shows Strengths and Weaknesses of Streets Paving Bond

One of our Reset Revealed correspondents sent in a poll paid for by the SFMTA that was designed to test the strengths and weaknesses of the City’s Streets Repaving Bond that was just placed on the November ballot by the Board of Supervisors. Read More


Will San Francisco Taxi Rates Backfire?

San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency just voted to raise taxi fares and suggested they will raise fares again in the near future. According to our Reset Poll, these fare increases could ultimately backfire. Read More


San Francisco Releases Five Year Technology Plan

San Francisco, which once led in Gov 2.0 technology initiatives, has been facing some very healthy competition from other American cities on the government technology front, especially New York City. Is our city falling behind? Read More




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