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Rally to Save GoSolarSF with Phil Ting & Sierra Club

Join us on Thursday, May 19 at 9:30am for a rally outside of City Hall to save GoSolarSF – one of the nation's most successful green programs. RSVP now and sign the petition to save GoSolarSF!



Is New York City Taking the Lead as the Capitol of the Digital Economy?

New York City's Mayor Bloomberg has just unveiled the “Road Map for the Digital City: Achieving New York City’s Digital Future” – an impressive 65-page plan that highlights the city’s commitment to using technology to increase access, open government, civic engagement and support for the digital job sector. Read More


Watch the SFPark App Review on YouTube

SFMTA released a real-time parking app called SFPark, so that San Franciscans can stop circling and start parking. We wrote about the glitchy SFPark app when it launched – so we decided to hit the streets and test out the app for ourselves. Take a look. And don’t forget to tell us if it works for you. Watch the video now.


Did you miss last week's Ask an Expert with Phil Ting and Jeanine Cotter?

Last Thursday, Phil Ting and Jeanine Cotter discussed solar in San Francisco and GoSolarSF, the city's solar incentive program. The city is proposing to cut this successful green program by 40% – and we can only ask, "Why?" Watch the webcast and learn more about the discussion and our expert, Jeanine Cotter.


The Promise (and Importance) of Public Transportation

A new study by the American Public Transportation Association [APTA] says San Franciscans can save more than $1,100 a month and over $13,300 a year by opting to take public transportation instead of owning a car. With gas prices in San Francisco well over $4 per gallon (and in some locations approaching $5 per gallon), the potential for this kind of savings has never been more critical. Read more



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June 2, 12pm – 1pm

Ask an Expert Live Webcast on Deliberative Democracy


June 11, 11am – 1pm
Solutions in the Sunset

Dianne Feinstein Elementary School

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Library of Congress launches Jukebox website

Los Angeles County is poised to accelerate its rail projects

The Spectre of Death and Speeding

Can innovation plug the development funding gap?


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