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A Reset San Francisco Inspiration

By: Phil Ting

Would the government work better if you had more say?

At Reset San Francisco – we think the answer to that question is absolutely yes, which is why we were so excited when the folks behind the movement for Participatory Budgeting paid a visit to City Hall last week. Watch this video and read more.

Join Us TONIGHT at 111 Minna!

You're invited to join the Reset San Francisco community for drinks and live music by guest DJ Vin Sol as we toast to a great beginning to Phil Ting's campaign for San Francisco Mayor. There's still time to RSVP! 


Happy People, Happy Cities

Sommerville, MA is now tracking a “happiness” index on its yearly census to voters. The idea is that government should be taking steps to make residents happier, and the best way to figure out what’s working best is to ask the question directly. Should we do this in San Francisco? Read More


Cool Infographic: Parking in San Francisco

We were inspired to create a parking infographic for San Francisco’s hill-scaling drivers. View a larger image here to compare our city's meter fine with the other major cities and discover some parking facts you might not have known before! Read More


Food Fights & Food Carts in Dolores Park

The forecast for Dolores Park this weekend calls for more sunshine and yes, more tacos – marking a historic turning point in the lengthy public spat over whether or not to allow outside food vendors in one of San Francisco’s most beautiful and popular public spaces. The first food cart to operate inside the park itself was met with some hostility last weekend, but also some hungry and very happy customers. Read More 



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