Welcome to Assemblymember Phil Ting's Reset San Francisco!

In 2010, I launched Reset San Francisco with the idea that we need to come together as a community – online and offline – around real solutions and ideas for moving our city forward.

At the time, we at Reset were calling this our user-generated government platform where we were pushing bold ideas, like YouTube Testimony at City Hall, all-door boarding on Muni, universal Internet access and organizing the Reset San Francisco community to help save GoSolarSF.

And together, we helped move the conversation forward on what Government 2.0 and open, transparent government really means.

Reset San Francisco is about harnessing the innovative and creative potential in our community. Because when we’re crowdsourcing ideas, we’re engaging more people to participate and join the conversation.

The more voices, the more ideas vetted – the better it will be for everyone.

A lot has changed in San Francisco in the last couple years. You can feel it.

With the influx of tech capital has come the increasing transformation of many neighborhoods. In so many ways, this change is natural and needed. But it also brings the burden of higher rents and changes to the character of the city we all share. That’s why I feel that now is a critical time to re-launch Reset San Francisco – so that our community is engaged in the dialogue of making sure San Francisco gets better for everyone – and not just the few.

Reset San Francisco is designed to capture the voices, the stories and the bold policy ideas that embody the powerful spirit of our city while retaining the rich culture, history and everything that makes us love San Francisco so much. We’ll have some fun too.

Reset San Francisco is a platform for parents, students, educators, thought leaders, policy experts, tech executives, artists, nonprofit leaders, those working in and around government, and anyone who wants to contribute their smart ideas. It is also to hold our politicians – including me – accountable so that they’re putting the priorities of the people ahead of their own.

San Francisco is the best city in the world – let’s keep it that way. Join us here on Reset or on Facebook and Twitter. If you like what you read, sign up to stay engaged, and if you’d like to write for us, click here to learn more.

Welcome to Reset San Francisco!