As the holidays approach, we are always reminded of how grateful we are. But the hard reality is that it has been a tough few years for many we know, and many of our neighbors are in need. We recently read a heartbreaking article about how increasingly kids are asking Santa for heat and homes instead of toys.

So in the spirit of the holiday season, here is an awesome way you can play Santa and do some good.

Post Office’s Operation Santa 

The Post Office’s Operation Santa Claus program began unofficially in the early 1920s when New York postal clerks began pooling their own money to buy gifts for disadvantaged kids whose notes to Santa ended up at the Post Office. The program has seen dramatic growth over the last few years as the economy has worsened.

Last year, the San Francisco Post Office saw around 300 to 400 letters to Santa from children in need. Letters are sorted according to need. Anyone can sign up for this program, and those who respond to letters have the option to grant requests in the form of a gift or a letter as Santa.

You can choose a letter on December 13 and December 20 from 11am to 1pm at the main San Francisco Post Office located at 1300 Evans Ave. For more information, you can also call 415-550-5001.